What is the easiest way to get a job in the U.S. if you’re from India?

The main goals in our life are how to make our career strong by getting jobs, having good skills, and much more. In the USA getting jobs is the most difficult part for students to get their jobs as per their field. Some little things to be changed to get jobs. Make a strong resume or cv that may helpful for you, improve communication skills, and make yourself updated day by day.

If you are an international student and not getting jobs. Get connections with any agencies like Find my profession, United opt, CareerOne stop, Opinations, and much more are there which help you to find jobs and make your brighter career. They are work for you to finding jobs as per your educational background.

It is quite hard to get job from India and then move to USA as company will have to sponsor your H1B request and if they apply your visa next April, and if you get H1B visa then company will have to wait till next year October when you can start working for them.

If you are not working for an US company since last 1 year, you cannot get L1 visa directly either as you would not be eligible if you join an US MNC now.

An alternative would be to get into US university and get some degree from US, that way you will learn something new and build a stronger profile while you can be with your spouse.

The route that many have adopted in the past is to move to US with their spouse as dependent and apply for H1B next year through consultancies. If your visa gets approved, then by next Oct you will be eligible to work in the USA. Till then, have fun.

Data scientist jobs are the most upcoming rising jobs in USA . USA is one of the highest-paid countries for data scientists. Search more jobs by skill with jobsdive

List of the top Data science jobs in usa :

1. Data scientist

2. Machine Learning Engineer

3. Data Architect

4. Business Intelligence (BI)

5. Infrastructure Architect

Why not? If reaching Mars is possible, so is this. Question is not “can you” but “how to”. If you’re an MBA from top 20 you’d be better of than lower

universities. Having said that, lower university MBA does not substantially make you worse off. You could leverage your network and network crazily to get

that job. Now, you mentioned a “job” and not “ the job” so I am assuming any job is okay with you. Ofcourse I am not talking about non management jobs.

To sum up, yes you can and the odds of “a job” or “the job” depends on many factors such as university, GMAT score, risk apetite, your skills, networking, demand, geography, timing, and lot’s of luck.

So, go there and you’ll be able pull it off.

ou have a few options

For US ,

Apply for jobs and hope someone gets back . Least effective in current situation.

Get a job with an employer that has offices in the US & transfer to their US location via L1 visa. Depends on the employer’s business needs.

Apply for diversity green card lottery (unless you were born in the few countries that could make you ineligible like China, India, Mexico, etc).

Once you get the green card, you can immigrate and find a job easily.

Ask any of your family members that live in the US permanently to sponsor your green card application. It will take years to come through, though.
For Canada,

Almost all of the above applies.

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