Why is a government job better than a private job?

It depends on your class. If you are a lower level employee, chose government sector. Better salaries and little work. Teachers, clerks, drivers, enjoy a far better life than their private sector counterparts. Imagine being a teacher in a government school. You start at 40,000 per month and retire at 1.2 lakh per month. Take 4 classes every day and enjoy numerous paid holidays. And in the private sector? Private sector will exploit you. Its an overpopulated country and you are merely replaceable. So don’t expect special treatment. Expect poor salary and long working hours.

At medium levels, government sector is only slightly better. Pay is comparable, work life balance better. Job security 100%. But there are restrictions. In private sector, you are free to choose between sectors, work profiles and locations. But no job security. So the choice is between security and freedom. At higher level, I assume, You must have joined some prestigious jumping pads like IITs, IIMs and are now looking to jump directly to the 5th floor. Congratulations! Because you have a choice. Understand the word choice here.

A choice is never between a good apple and a bad apple. You are bound to chose a good apple so where is the choice? It’s when you have to chose between an apple and an orange. So chose wisely. If you are looking for money and a fancy life style, join private sector. As you are a rare talent, job security is not a concern. But don’t ask philosophical questions about meaning of work and contribution to the society. You are here to make money for the company. Do it and go home. Enjoy the materialism.

If you are looking for power, recognition and a meaningful work, join government sector. But dont ask for a good salary. Look! we are a socialist country? We cannot pay more than a limit. We expect you to sacrifice. Enjoy the spiritual part of it. Can you chose to be corrupt and enjoy money here too? No no! If you want an apple, don’t chose an orange. Go for the private sector. Or, there will be indigestion. And every dam thing you have eaten will come out. You will always live in fear of when and how it hapenns.

What I am telling here, you can easily verify it. Ask any lower class person. He would die for a government job. Ask a middle class person, he would show slight preference towards government jobs. Ask an upper class person, and 2 divergent view points would emerge. Depending on if he like money or recognition.

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